Corporate Catering Opportunities with 10 Feast

10 Feast is proud to deliver chef-prepared food to our customers. Whether those meals are being enjoyed on a quick lunch break or given to show employee appreciation, we feel truly blessed to be included in your corporate culture. We absolutely love supporting our customers any way possible and it incredible to know that our food can be used to help foster positive relationships in a business setting! Here’s how 10 Feast can help support your business endeavors through tasty food.

Connect With New Business Partners Over Food

Is there a better way to meet someone new than over a meal? At 10 Feast, we look at food as the great connector. It can do so much to help bring people together – especially in the workplace. Getting together to talk about important matters over a plate of delicious food can make the difference between a successful meeting and one that ends poorly. You never know the difference a simple meal can make, so you might as well err on the side of cuisine! Luckily, 10 Feast has plenty of incredible corporate catering solutions for you to take advantage of.

Treat Your Employees to A Safe Corporate Luncheon

In such uncertain times, it can be hard to feel safe when you’re meeting with someone new. Wearing masks and staying 6-feet apart can certainly help reduce our anxieties, but it’s still good to take precautions everywhere possible to help everyone who walks into your business feel safe. That’s why 10 Feast offers individually packaged meals to help put your mind at ease. All our tasty meals are available in individual packages so nobody has to miss out on their favorite foods. It only takes a few quick minutes to heat giving more time to enjoy a lunch break! We also offer meal package subscriptions to help reduce the cost of your meals while you feed the valuable members of your company.

Encourage A Healthy Lifestyle in Your Corporate Office

Another great thing about corporate luncheons is that they can be used as opportunities for inspiring a healthy lifestyle among your employees. Show everyone at your business that they are important to you by presenting them with healthy (and scrumptious) meals whenever you can. We offer a variety of healthy options including keto meals, low calorie meals, gluten free meals, and vegetarian meals.

Give the Gift of Meal Donations

One last way that food can help your corporation is that it is the perfect gift for your employees and for members of your community. No matter what time of year it is, people everywhere are struggling to feed their families, especially with healthy meals. That’s where your company can help. Give the people around you the gift of a meal that is nutritious and delicious whenever you can. You’ll be amazed at how effective it can be in building employee satisfaction and in creating brand loyalty in your community.

How to Order for Corporate Meal Delivery

We offer one time meal delivery or a subscription model via our online menu, however you may have specific needs or a large order that could qualify for a corporate discount. Fill out our contact form or call us directly to discuss a solution specially for your business.

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