When To Give a Meal Delivery Service as a Gift

There are so many moments where life can feel overwhelming. Sometimes, those moments are the happiest in our lives. Graduating from school, starting a new job, or becoming parents for the first time are just some of the examples that come to mind. Regardless of the occasion, you may want to send something to let them know you’re thinking of them. Here’s our list of when to give a meal delivery service as a gift:

Meal Subscription for College Students

Being a college student can be extremely stressful and can lead to a lot of unhealthy food choices. At its core, college revolves around attending classes, taking tests, and writing lots of papers. But we all know that college is so much more than that. College is also a great place to make new friends, try new things, and find what you’re passionate about! Essentially, college isn’t just for learning equations, it’s also for learning about life. With so much mental and personal growth happening all at once, it’s pretty safe to say that simple things, like cooking, might fall by the wayside. This is where you can help. Give the gift of a healthy meal service to your favorite student today!

Meals as a Gift for New Homeowners

Your loved one has spent so much time and energy working towards this moment. When the day finally arrives, there’s no greater feeling! However, unpacking their things and getting used to their new place and neighborhood may feel a little overwhelming. One way to take the stress off is by gifting them a few weeks of a meal delivery service to kick start the next chapter in their lives in their new home.

Meal Delivery Service When Starting a New Job

Another right-of-passage in life is your first professional job. It’s the start of a new chapter in your life and can be a time of professional growth. Of course, starting at a new job can also bring on a lot of stress. Not only are you learning about a new company, but you’re also meeting new people, training for the position, and probably working late to do it all. That’s why we recommend gifting a 10 Feast meal to someone in your life who is going through this transition. They may not have the time or the energy to cook something fresh for themselves, but a meal from 10 Feast can be made quickly and easily!

Meal Delivery for Your Date Night

This is such a great gift idea for you and your significant other! Nights out on the town are always fun and exciting. But there’s something to be said about a cozy night at home for just the two of you. Take your at-home date nights to the next level with a meal package from 10 Feast! We promise, it will make your partner swoon.

Meal Service for the Newly Married

Starting this chapter of life is so exciting! The bride and groom have planned every detail of their big day relentlessly for quite some time to make sure that it goes perfectly. Now, it’s time for them to revel in the honeymoon phase. All a newlywed couple really wants to do is embrace conversation and connection. Arguably, the best way to do this is with a glass of good wine, a plate of delicious food, and no distractions. Take the hassle of cooking out of the equation for them with a 10 Feast meal.

Meal Delivery Service for New Parents

Becoming a parent for the first time is one of the most overwhelming feelings in the world. On the one hand, you’re out-of-this-world in love with your newest addition. On the other hand, you feel tired, emotional, and completely unprepared for life with a newborn baby. After all those sleepless nights, it’s no wonder that new moms and new dads often don’t have the energy to make dinners, especially healthy ones. You can make that possible for them with a meal service from 10 Feast.

Healthy Meal Delivery Service

I think we can all agree that finding out someone you love is going through a crisis of health is one of the most painful things you can hear in your life. It’s absolutely devastating to know that someone you love is going through a hard time. Your gut instinct is probably that you need to help your loved one in any way you can. Sometimes the gift of food can really help while they are in recovery. It’s one less thing that person has to think about, and it’s one less activity they need to do.
Looking for a way to surprise the whole family? Give them the gift of a pre-made meal from 10 Feast! Not only will your entire family be able to eat something healthy, but they can also pick from tons of options to get exactly what they want! Ditch the homemade meals for a night and spend more time with the ones you love. With all this extra free time, you can play a game, watch a movie, or just talk to each other!
There are so many great reasons to give someone the gift of a meal service. That being said, you never really need a reason to show someone how much you love them. Take a look at all the sensational meal options we offer and place your order today! We look forward to our meals sitting at your kitchen table.
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